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West Feeds La Cuesta Milk Goat Pellet

West Feeds La Cuesta Milk Goat Pellet
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Crude Protein (Min)16.00%

Crude Fat (Min)4.00%

Crude Fiber (Max)9.00%

Acid Detergent Fiber (Max)9.00%

Calcium (Min)1.00%

Calcium (Max)2.00%

Phosphorus (Min)0.50%

Salt (Min)0.50%

Salt (Max)1.50%

Potassium (Min)0.85%

Zinc (Min)280 PPM

Copper (Min)45 PPM

Copper (Max)55 PPM

Selenium (Min)0.30 PPM

Vitamin A (Min)10,000 IU/LB

Feed to lactating does at the rate of 2 to 3 pounds per head per day. Feed in conjunction with good quality forage. May also be fed to growing, developing goats to maintain desired body condition or rate of gain. Provide plenty of clean, fresh water at all times. Never feed molded or insect-infested feed.

Warning: This feed contains elevated levels of added copper. Do not feed to sheep.

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