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Thornell Skunk-Off Pet Shampoo

Thornell Skunk-Off Shampoo

Thornell Skunk-Off Pet Shampoo

  • Thornell is the #1 provider of odor elimination products to the veterinary industry in North America. Use what the pros use!
  • Veterinary proven results, less expensive and more practical than home remedies.
  • Easy to use. Immediate odor elimination for your pet, home, car or anywhere else skunk odor is present.
  • Safer than hazardous home remedies. Can be safely applied to automobiles, crawl space, outdoor home and decking as well as indoor carpets, upholstery, clothing or bedding.
  • WORKS WHEN ENZYMES WONT – unique non-enzymatic formula. That works regardless of what you have used prior to application. Leaves a lasting, pleasant fragrance.

Directions for Use on the Pet: Wipe off excess skunk spray. Saturate area of direct hit with Skunk-Off. Work in thoroughly, rinse and then let dry. If odor persists, continue to reapply as necessary.

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