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Sure Champ Cattle Pellet

Sure Champ Cattle Pellet is a pelleted, daily vitamin and mineral supplement for show cattle that can be top-dressed or mixed in a ration to improve digestive health, stimulate appetite and optimize health.

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  • Provides the combination of Amaferm® and elevated levels of highly bioavailable vitamins and minerals to achieve maximum performance potential.
  • Contains organic zinc, copper and manganese and the maximum allowable level of selenium. Includes vitamins A, D and E along with niacin and B-12 for added growth, bloom and health.
  • Amaferm® is a precision prebiotic designed to enhance digestibility by amplifying nutrient supply for maximum performance. It is research-proven to increase water and feed intake. In addition, research shows that Amaferm decreases body temperature in heat-stressed animals.
Ingredient Amount
Contains Amaferm® Yes
Contains MOS No
Protein % 25.0
Lysine % Min
Calcium % Min 2.5
Phosphorus % Min 1.0
Salt % Min
Mag % Min 0.5
Potassium % Min 2.0
Cobalt ppm 8
Organic TMs Inside Cu, Zn, Mn
Cu ppm 350
I ppm 25
Mn ppm 550
Se ppm 6.5
Zn ppm 1,150
Vit A IU/lb 70,000
Vit D3 IU/lb 7,000
Vit E IU/lb 80
Vitamin B-12 mcg/lb 5.0

Feed to beef show cattle at the rate of 1 lb. per head, per day top-dressed over the ration or mixed in the complete ration. Free-choice salt should be provided. Included scoop holds 8 oz.

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