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StandAlone Cattle Chubby

Stand Alone Cattle Chubby

For the last Decade StandAlone products have been helping crown Champions Coast to Coast. StandAlone Cattle Chubby is designed specifically for your Calf, to eliminate the need for multiple daily supplements. We also believe that daily supplements should be specie specific, or your project is missing vital nutrients while getting too much of others. We are always analyzing and testing new feed ingredients to insure that StandAlone Cattle Chubby is on the cutting edge of animal nutrition. The product we launched 10 years ago is not the same product you purchase today. Simply put, there are no new fad products ahead of StandAlone.

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Fat Cover & Condition
The right energy sources at the right time StandAlone Cattle Chubby includes a unique blend of 3 sugars, Rice Bran oil, and Glycerin. The key to achieving a smooth and firm layer of fat is using multiple sources of energy. We utilize Food grade Fructose and Glucose as our main energy source. This insures a smooth, top building finish that stays out of your animal’s chest floor or brisket without harming the gut. Unlike molasses based products, StandAlone Chubby will not blow out your animal’s front end. Food grade Rice Bran oil is used at a level that adds extra calories without harming gut performance.

GUT Health
It all starts in the GUT. That’s why StandAlone targets all aspects of Gut health. StandAlone includes Amaferm® to act as prebiotic and Direct Fed Microbial’s for a probiotic. B vitamins are essential for proper Gut function and StandAlone includes Thiamine, Niacin, and B12 to insure your animal stays on feed. We have been using a Nucleotide rich yeast product since before other companies even knew what they were. Nucleotides help speed up cell division, which helps immune response, and gut recovery all while providing highly a digestible protein source. Also included since the very beginning is a Yeast cell wall product that includes Mos and beta glucans to help bind up harmful bacteria, regulate Gut PH, and strengthen immune response.

Minerals & Vitamins
We have always used 100% Organic Trace Minerals in our formulas to insure proper absorption and protection of all the vitamins in StandAlone. We recently added Organic Selenium for greater absorption, increased antioxidant status and increased immune function. You will never find cheaper Sulfate and Oxide mineral sources on our tag.

Hair, Hide, Hoof & Joint Health
It all starts from the inside out with proper nutrition.  We use 100% Organic trace minerals, copious amounts of Vitamin E and Biotin. Added Glycerin helps to smooth the hide. The use of Selenium yeast and multiple antioxidants combined with proper mineral nutrition provides the nutrients and antioxidants your animal needs to stay sound and develop a strong skeleton. Vitamin C has been part of the formula from the very beginning.

Heat stress
StandAlone now includes Capsicum and Garlic to help reduce heat stress and manage pest loads.

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