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Southern States Maxi-Calf AP with Medicated

Southern States Maxi-Calf AP with (BVT) Medicated is an economical milk replacer containing a unique blend of milk and advanced proteins for the daily growth and maintenance of calves. It contains Bovatec for control of coccidiosis and should be fed to dairy calves from birth to 5-7 weeks of age. Maxi-Calf AP Supplies similar amino acid composition to all-milk milk replacers and contains the plant-based feed additive Digestarom to naturally improve feed intake and digestion with essential oils, herbs, spices, extracts and flavors. Formulated with a unique combination of milk protein and the modified soy flour Glymaxene for performance equal to all-milk products. It also contains beta glucan for optimum gut health and immunity. This milk replacer conveniently comes agglomerated to mix quickly and stay in the solution. Seasonally available with the insect growth regulator ClariFly to help control fly populations.

Available in 50-lb bag. 

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Fat 21%
Protein 21%

Please consult bag for complete feeding instructions.

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