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Southern States Cattleman’s Pride Graze-N-Gain Beef Medicated Mineral

Southern States

Southern States Cattleman Pride Graze-N-Gain (AUREO) Beef Mineral Medicated is a highly fortified topdress or mixing mineral for summer through fall grazing and feedlot cattle. This mineral is medicated with Aureomycin for increased rate of weight gain, improved feed efficiency and reduction of liver abscesses in growing cattle over 400 lbs. Its complete 2:1 mineral compound provides major minerals to complement pasture or hay forage programs. Only one mineral is needed for both cows and calves over 400 lbs. to enhance performance from the entire herd.

Available in 50-lb bag. 

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Calcium (Ca) (min.) 12.00% (max.)         14.40%
Phosphorus (P) (min.)           5.00%
Salt (NaCl) (min.) 18.00 % (max.)         21.50%
Magnesium (Mg) (min.)          1.00 %
Sulfur (S) (min.)           1.00%
Potassium (K) (min.)           0.50%
Iodine (I) (min.)          50 ppm
Copper (Cu) (min.)     1,250 ppm
Cobalt (Co) (min.)          25 ppm
Selenium (Se) (min.)          26 ppm
Zinc (Zn) (min.)     2,500 ppm
Manganese (Mn) (min.)     2,200 ppm
Vitamin A (min.) 200,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D (min.)   30,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E (min.)       150 IU/lb

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