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MFA Sheep Starter/Grower Pellet

MFA Sheep Starter/Grower Pellet is a complete feed for all classes of sheep.

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*Crude Protein, Min: 15.0%
Crude Fat, Min: 2.5%
Crude Fiber, Min: 12.0%
Calcium (Ca), Min: 0.5%
Calcium (Ca), Max: 1.0%
Phosphorous (P), Min: 0.45%
Salt (NaCl), Min: 0.5%
Salt (NaCl), Max: 1.0%
Selenium (Se), Min: 0.1 PPM
Vitamin A, Min: 8,000 IU/LB
*This includes not more than 1.00% equivalent non-protein nitrogen.

Feeding Instructions:
Feed as creep feed to lambs. When used as an early weaning starter/grower ration, start feeding 1 1/2 pounds of hay daily and full feed MFA Sheep Starter/Grower Pellets. Gradually reduce hay to 1/2 pound within four weeks.

Feed only as directed.

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