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Seminole Wellness EquiSafe Textured Horse Feed

Seminole Wellness EquiSafe Textured Horse Feed

Wellness Equi-Safe® is an exceptional choice when searching for ultra low-starch feed options for adult equines experiencing health concerns such as laminitis, founder, insulin dysregulation, obesity, or other metabolic conditions. A unique forage-based, dust, and molasses-free complete feed, Wellness Equi-Safe® is composed of long-stemmed fiber from specifically selected low-starch grasses and fats from multiple sources, including Seminole Ultra Bloom®. Added herbs make the taste irresistible to horses and ponies, while the flexibility of Wellness Equi-Safe® allows it to be fed as a sole ration or top-dressed on feed, making it the superior low-starch, safe alternative.


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Wellness EQUI-SAFE® is a complete, low-calorie feed designed for adult horses & ponies at risk from insulin resistance, laminitis, obesity and other metabolic disorders associated with high-starch diets. Start the feeding program using the Daily Feeding Rate. After observing and/or weighing the horse for a period of time, increase or decrease the daily feeding rate to obtain the desired body condition or body weight. If Wellness EQUI-SAFE® is used as a complete feed, offer a minimum of 3 times per day. Wellness EQUI-SAFE® can be used as the sole ration for overweight horses and easy keepers. If used as a supplemental meal extender, add a double handful to the horses ration at each feeding.

Feed at regular times, with two or more equal feedings per day. Make all feed changes gradually, over a 7-10 day period. Increase in feeding rate should not exceed 1 pound per day for an individual horse. Delay feeding a horse that has just been exercised or is exhibiting pain, fever or diarrhea. Wellness EQUI-SAFE® weighs approximately 0.5 pound per dry US quart. Provide a free choice horse mineral such as Seminole Grass Balancer 16:8 on a continuous basis. Provide clean, fresh water at all times.

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