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Seminole Victory Textured Horse Feed

Seminole Victory Horse Feed

Formulated to meet the high energy demands of the racing, training, and performance horse, Seminole Victory!™ is a super-premium, low-starch, high-fat, beet pulp-based textured feed. Rich in beet pulp, oats, barley, and Ultra Bloom® stabilized rice bran to maximize digestibility and improve stamina yet providing cool calories. Ideal for growing, breeding, pleasure and performance horses, Seminole Victory!™ will supply consistent fuel to get the job done and bring home the win!

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Wellness SHOW & SPORT® is a premium textured, reduced-starch, 12% protein feed for active horses to be fed along with good quality hay and/or pasture. Start the feeding program using the Daily Feeding Guide for the type of roughage fed and class of horse. After observing and/or weighing the horse for a period of time, increase or decrease the daily feeding rate to obtain the desired body condition or body weight.

Do not feed Wellness SHOW & SPORT® on a free choice basis. Feed at regular times, with two or more equal feedings per day. Make all feed changes gradually, over a 7-10 day period. Increases in feeding rate should not exceed 1 pound per day for an individual horse. Delay feeding a horse that has been exercised or is exhibiting pain, fever or diarrhea. Wellness SHOW & SPORT® weighs approximately 1.5 pounds per dry US quart. Feed hay and/or equivalent pasture at the rate of 1 to 2 pounds per 100 pounds of body weight daily. Provide a free choice horse mineral such as Seminole Grass Balancer 16:8 Mineral or Alfa Balancer 12:12 Mineral on continuous basis. Provide clean, fresh water at all times.

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