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Bluebonnet Rabbit Booster 16%

Bluebonnet Rabbit Booster is a complete feed for growing rabbits aged 4 to 12 weeks, fryer rabbits, and adult breeding or maintenance. Bluebonnet® Feeds uses high quality ingredients and takes the utmost care in manufacturing the best and most consistent rabbit feed possible. This ration contains balanced protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals to help ensure proper growth and development. Feed growing rabbits free choice, see feeding directions for other levels of maturity.


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Crude Protein 16.00% min
Lysine 0.70% min
Methionine 0.30% min
Crude Fat 3.5% min
Crude Fiber 21.5% max
Calcium   0.75% min
Phosphorus 0.60% min
Salt 0.50% min
Salt 1.00% max
Sodium 0.40% min
Magnesium 0.30% min
Potassium 1.00% min
Zinc 110 ppm min
Manganese 100 ppm min
Copper 40 ppm min
Cobalt 2 ppm min
Selenium 0.50 ppm min
Iodine 0.20 ppm min
Vitamin A 4,500 IU/lb min
Vitamin D 500 IU/lb min
Vitamin E 50 IU/lb min
Vitamin B12 10 bc g/lb min
Menadione 0.90 mg/lb min
d-Panthothenic Acid 13 mg/lb min
Thiamine 0.90 mg/lb min
Niacin 18 mg/lb min
Vitamin B6 1.8 mg/lb min
Flic Acid 0.30 mg/lb min
Choline 650 mb/lb min
Weight Daily Feeding
LESS THAN 2.5 LBS 1.5-2 oz
2.5-4.4 LBS 2-2.5 oz
4.5-6 LBS 3-3.5 oz
6-8 LBS 3-4 oz
8-10 LBS 4-6 oz
OVER 10 LBS 6-8 oz

Transition InstructionsTransition to this feed gradually over a period of 14 days by mixing with previous feed.

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