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Purina Heifersmart Mineral

Heifersmart Mineral helps deliver a blend of vitamins and high absorption trace minerals necessary for a fully functioning immune system. Provide heifers with adequate and consistent vitamin and trace mineral nutrition to help support improved growth, greater immunity and claw integrity for increased lifetime profitability.

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Calcium (Ca) 18.90% (min) 22.68% 13.05% (min) 15.66%
Phosphorus (P) N/A 6.50 (min)
Salt (NaCl) 24.50% (min) 29.50% 21.96% (min) 26.35%
Magnesium (Mg) 1.60% (min) 1.60% (min)
Potassium (K) 0.50% (min) 0.50% (min)
Copper (Cu) 880.00 ppm (min) 880.00 ppm (min)
Iodine (I) 50.00 ppm (min) 50.00 ppm (min)
Selenium (Se) 25.00 ppm (min) 25.00 ppm (min)
Zinc (Zn) 3,880.00 ppm (min) 3,880.00 ppm (min)
Vitamin A 250,000 IU/LB (min) 250,000 IU/LB (min)
Vitamin D3 50,000 IU/LB (min) 50,000 IU/LB (min)
Vitamin E 1,900 IU/LB (min) 1,900 IU/LB (min)

  1. HEIFERSMART Mineral is recommended for use in TMR rations or mixed with grain.
  2. For accurate ration balancing and feeding recommendations, analyze forages and utilize a dairy ration balancing program.
  3. Provide clean, fresh water near the feeding area.
  4. This product should be fed at a rate of 4 oz./head/day to heifers weighing 800 lbs.

NOTE: Proceed cautiously when feeding greater concentrations of Copper (>40ppm) to Jersey cattle for extended periods of time; greater than two weeks.

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