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Purina Heifersmart Base Mix

Purina Heifersmart Base Mix helps extend the growth benefits achieved in superior calf feeding programs, keeping heifers growing through breeding to pre-fresh so they can more easily transition into the lactating herd.


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Crude Protein 38.00% (min)1 45.00% (min)2
Crude Fat 1.50% (min) 2.00% (min)
Crude Fiber 4.00% (max) 4.00% (max)
Acid Detergent Fiber (ADF) 6.00% (max) 6.00% (max)
Calcium 3.10% (min) 4.10% (max) 3.10% (min) 4.10% (max)
Phosphorus 0.25% (min) 0.25% (min)
Selenium 3.10 ppm (min) 3.10 ppm (min)
Vitamin A 33,000 IU/LB (min) 33,000 IU/LB (min)

  1. Begin adding HEIFERSMART Base Mixes to heifer rations as heifers reach 24 weeks of age (475-500 lbs.) and continue use through breeding to pre-fresh.
  2. Feed as an ingredient to a complete ration (including on-farm grains) along with adequate amounts of good quality forage and fresh, clean water.
  3. Feed HEIFERSMART Base Mix at a rate of 2 lbs./head/day to heifers weighing 800 lbs.
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