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Progressive Nutrition – Premium Lo-Carb Pellet Horse Feed

Progressive Nutrition Premium Performance-8 is formulated to meet the special nutritional needs of the high performance horse. Premium Performance-8 is a high-fat feed especially formulated with specific amino acids required for optimum performance and muscle recovery.

  • A performance feed for horses in training and competition
  • High in fat and fiber for cool calories
  • Helps delay fatigue and maintain performance
  • Nutritionally balanced for maximum performance and stamina
  • Promotes ideal muscle performance and recovery
  • Controlled amount of starch in the diet, easier to digest
  • For Mature Horses in Training
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Nutrient Level
Crude Protein Min. 13.5%
Lysine Min.  0.77%
Methionine Min. 0.36%
Threonine Min. 0.83%
Tryptophan Min. 0.15%
Valine Min. 0.58%
Crude Fat Min. 8.0%
Crude Fiber Max. 12.0%
Acid Detergent Fiber Max. 21.0%
Neutral Detergent Fiber Max. 38.5%
Dietary Starch Max. 15.5%
Sugar Max. 3.0%
Calcium Min. 1.0%  Max. 1.5%
Phosphorus Min. 0.50%
Magnesium MIn. 0.25%
Copper Min. 50 ppm
Zinc Min. 170 ppm
Selenium Min. 0.6 ppm
Vitamin A Min. 5,500 IU/lb
Vitamin D Min. 1,100 IU/lb
Vitamin E Min. 110 IU/lb
Biotin Min. 1.75 mg/lb
Omega 3 Fatty Acids Min. 0.47%
Omega 6 Fatty Acids Min. 2.8%


Activity Level Pounds per Day of Premium Performance 8 Approx. Pounds Per Day of Hay
Idle/Lay up 4-6 lbs 10-15 lbs
Up to 1/2 hr/day 6-8 lbs 10-20 lbs
1/2-1 hrs/day 8-12 lbs 10-20 lbs
1-2 hrs/day 10-15 lbs 15-25 lbs

Provide Free Choice: (1) Progressive Grass Mineral (2) Clean, Fresh Water

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