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Pedigree Meaty Ground Dinner with Beef, Bacon & Cheese Canned Dog Food

Your best friend’s mealtime is the most exciting part of their day. This is especially true when you add Pedigree® Dog Food to their bowl. Pedigree® CHOPPED GROUND DINNER Beef, Bacon & Cheese Flavor Adult Wet Dog Food, your adult dog can enjoy the delicious taste of real meat in every bite. Plus, this moist dog food delivers 100% complete and balanced adult nutrition. As a result, you know your pup is getting the most from their meals. Want to mix it up? Add CHOPPED GROUND DINNER Soft Dog Food to your pet’s favorite dry kibble or use as a topper for the ultimate mealtime experience. Dogs bring out the good in us. Pedigree® brings out the good in them. Feed the good.

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daily feeding guide*
Feed 1/3 to 2/3 can daily per 10 lb of adult dog.
*An individual dog’s needs may differ.

mix it up – add in dry
Replace 1/2 can for each 3/4 cup of dry PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition (1 can = 13.2 oz., 1 cup = 8 oz. measuring cup)

refrigerate after opening 

(up to 3 days). Serve at room temperature.

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