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Manna Pro Sweet 10 Horse Feed

Your horse is a member of your family, and you want the best for him.  You trailride on weekends, and attend the occasional show, but most of all you enjoy the time you spend at the barn with your trusted friend.  He deserves the best, and Manna Pro horse feeds will provide just that.

Sweet 10® was developed for the active pleasure horse and provides:

  • 10% Protein.  Ideal for active pleasure horses, gestating mares, and off-season stallions.
  • Vegetable Oils.  Excellent source of calories and essential fatty acids.  Vegetable oils enhance body condition and support a shiny, slick coat.
  • Vitamin & Mineral Fortification.  Critical for overall health.

Available in 50-lb bag. 

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Crude Protein Min 10.00 %
Crude Fat Min 5.00 %
Crude Fiber Max 10.00 %
Calcium Min 0.70 %
Calcium Max 1.20 %
Phosphorus Min 0.50 %
Copper Min 35 ppm
Zinc Min 150 ppm
Selenium Min 0.45 ppm
Vitamin A Min 4,500 IU/lb

High quality hay and (or) pasture should make up at least half of the complete diet.  Please refer to the back of the bag for further feeding directions.

CAUTION: This product contains supplemental selenium. Do not feed this product at levels greater than recommended, nor in combination with other products containing supplemental selenium if the selenium concentration of the complete diet will exceed 0.30 ppm.

REMINDER:  Feed is perishable.  Store this product in a cool, dry area away from rodents and insects.

WARNING:  Do not offer any feed that is spoiled, moldy, rodent or insect-infested, OR abnormal in appearance or odor, as it may cause illness or death.

WARNING:  This product contains supplemental copper. Do not feed to sheep or other copper-sensitive species

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