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Manna Pro Organic Poultry Starter Crumbles

Organic Feed for Raising Baby Chicks

Complete nutrition for young and growing birds without pesticides, medications or genetically modified ingredients. Plus, with Manna Pro® on the label, you can be confident that our Organic Starter Crumbles don’t compromise on quality. 19% protein plus nutritious and wholesome ingredients provide the ideal start for any young flock.

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  • USDA certified organic and non-GMO
  • 19% protein
  • Non-medicated
  • Ideal nutrition and quality for a natural, happy and healthy flock
  • Safe for mixed flocks including all classes of poultry

Available in 5 lb and 30 lb bags.

Crude Protein Min 19.00%
Lysine Min 0.90%
Methionine Min 0.32%
Crude Fat Min 2.50%
Crude Fiber Max 5.00%
Calcium Min 0.70%
Calcium Max 1.20%
Phosphorus Min 0.70%
Salt Min 0.30%
Salt Max 0.80%
Sodium Min 0.01%
Sodium Max 0.50%

Directions For Use: Feed Manna Pro Organic Starter Crumbles to chicks from 0 to 8 weeks. Give chicks free access to Organic Starter Crumbles, allowing them to consume all they want.

General Feeding Management: Provide fresh, clean water at all times.

Reminder: Feed is perishable. Store this product in a cool, dry area away from insects and rodents.

Warning: DO NOT feed any product that is spoiled, moldy, rodent or insect infested, or abnormal in appearance or odor, as it may cause illness or death. This product contains supplemental copper. DO NOT feed to sheep or other copper-sensitive species.

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