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Manna Pro Duck Starter-Grower Crumbles

This is a complete feed for young ducks. It is non-medicated, with no added antibiotics. It is balanced nutrition to support strong, healthy ducks, formulated with probiotics to support gut health and digestion, and no artificial colors.

Available in 8-lb bag. 

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Crude Protein Min 22.00%
Lysine Min 1.00%
Methionine Min 0.40%
Crude Fat Min 2.50%
Crude Fiber Max 8.00%
Calcium Min 0.75%
Calcium Max 1.25%
Phosphorus Min 0.60%
Salt Min 0.25%
Salt Max 0.75%
Sodium Min 0.01%
Sodium Max 0.50%
Total Microorganisms Min 4.5 x 108 CFU/lb

When feeding scratch or other coarse grains, offer Manna Pro Grit to help with breakdown and digestion of larger grain particles. Maintain a regular feeding schedule. Provide fresh, clean water at all times.

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