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Land O’ Lakes Cow’s Match WarmFront Protein Blend

Land O Lakes Cows Match Warm Front Protein Blend

LAND O LAKES Cow’s Match WarmFront Protein Blend is a calf milk replacer with a blend of highly digestible proteins that complement each other. This product is enhanced with the exclusive active microbials that help support the calf gut microbiome.

For optimal results, feed in combination with AMPLI-CALF 22 Starter Feed through 12 weeks and transition to AMPLI-CALF Grower Feed at 12-13 weeks-24 weeks of age.

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Feed 4 quarts, 2 times daily or 3 quarts, 2-3 times daily, starting after colostrum feeding on day 1.* Always provide fresh, clean water beginning on day 2. For optimal results, offer free-choice Purina® AMPLI-CALF® Starter Feed beginning on day 3.

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