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Land O’ Lakes Amplifier Max

Amplifier Max

Land O’ Lakes Amplifier Max, an original formulation, delivers a performance level of nutrition featuring an exclusive blend of fat sources that is more efficiently used by the calf to support immune function. Land O Lakes Amplifier Max is now enhanced with exclusive active microbials. These active microbials, along with the existing feed technologies, help support a calf’s gut microbiome.

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Milk Replacer Mixing Instructions

Per calf twice daily:

  • 0.75 pounds of powder with water to make 2.3 quarts

Large batches:

  • 1.5 pounds of powder with water to make 1.14 gallon

Best Results

Begin feeding calf milk replacer on day 2 after colostrum feeding. Provide fresh, clean water along with a high-quality, palatable calf starter feed on a free-choice basis. Only use low sodium water (<50 ppm) for mixing milk replacer and feeding calves.

Water temperature for mixing calf milk replacer should be 110-120 degrees F. Calf milk replacer should be 105 degrees F when delivered to the calf. Always weigh calf milk replacer powder for accurate mixing.

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