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High Country Plastics Slow Feeder Saver Jr

Our Slow Feeder Saver is designed to give Equine the healthiest and most natural eating experience possible regardless of them being stalled or stabled. The small grate holes prevent horses from wasting feed by consuming it to quickly or spreading it out on the ground by forcing them to take small bites. This also has the added benefit of keeping them occupied longer reducing boredom, which can lead to cribbing and poor temperament. Slow Feeding is proven to improve the digestive process, which leads to better overall Equine health. Places the horse in a natural anatomic feeding position producing better conformation and less stress on their joints. The solid Poly bottom ensures the animal isn’t eating off the ground dramatically reducing the possibility of colic. Horses by nature are grazing animals with digestive systems evolved to process food in small portions up to 16 hours per day. In today’s world many horses are stabled, kept in barns or don’t have an adequate pasture to graze upon and natural grazing simply isn’t an option. Many veterinarian visits such as ulcers, colic, weight issues and COPD are direct results of how horses are fed. The Slow Feeder Saver can help eliminate these costly vet visits! With current hay prices the Slow Feeder Saver Jr can pay for itself in less than a year by eliminating feed waste.

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Size: 24″ L x 24″ W x 18″ H

Weight: 21 pounds

  • Double stitched 1″ Nylon Webbed Grate.
  • Molded in hand grips for added portability.
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