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Hi-Pro Sheep & Goat Block

Hi-Pro Sheep & Goat Block

Hi-Pro Sheep & Goat Block provides essential minerals and a fortified protein source for breeding sheep and goats on pasture.

Available in block form.

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Crude Protein (min) 20.0% Salt (max) 14.00%
Crude Fat (min) 1.50% Copper (min) 8.0 ppm
Crude Fiber (max) 8.60% Copper (max) 15.0 ppm
Calcium (min) 2.90% Zinc (min) 170.0 ppm
Calcium (max) 3.70% Selenium (min) 1.10 ppm
Phosphorus (min) 0.90% Vitamin A (min) 20,000 IU.kb
Salt (min) 12.30%

Feed this feed as a free choice supplement to breeding sheep and goats on native, or improved, pasture forage to help maintain body condition and productivity. Consumption should be in the range of 0.5 to 1.5 pounds per head per day for sheep and goats. When starting animals on supplements, be sure to begin feeding at low amounts and allow them to adapt to the new feed inputs.

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