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Cavalor Tradition Mix

WELL BALANCED COMPLETE FEED FOR THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR FEEDING PROGRAM – Cavalor Tradition Mix contains all of the necessary nutritional elements for a complete healthy horse feed. It is designed for horses at rest and recreational horses.

The excellent quality of Cavalor Tradition Mix allows for a very broad use of the feed (regardless of the type of horse). This all-round mix can be digested very easily which leads to a better conversion from feed to usable energy. It’s oat free mixture is great for digestion and even the pickiest eaters enjoy it. It is also a great base feed in boarding barns with horses that may have a variety of nutrition needs.

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Analytical constituents

Crude protein 13.5%, crude fat 3.0%, crude ash 7.5%, crude fibre 12.5%, sugars 4,0%, starches 21,0%, calcium 1.10%, magnesium 0.35%, phosphorus 0.60%, sodium 0.25%

Tradition is administered in addition to plenty of hay and/or limited pasture and/or limited amount of raw stock. Horses at rest: per animal daily 0.5 to 0.7 kg per 100 kg live body weight. Horses engaged in restricted light work (4 to 6 hours per week, low level): per animal daily 0.6 to 0.8 kg per 100 kg live body weight. Horses engaged in regular light work (5 to 8 hours per week, medium level): per animal daily 0.7 to 1.0 kg per 100 kg live body weight.
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