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Cavalor Superforce Sport

Cavalor Superforce Sport 44-lb

FOR PURE POWER AND EXPLOSIVE EFFORTS – Cavalor Superforce is a top-quality sports feed mix specifically designed to supplement the daily ration of the very active horse during competition. Great for helping the horse perform short explosive efforts (e.g show¬jumping, racing sports, barrel racing, etc).

To adequately perform these efforts, the horse’s body primarily uses starches and sugars derived from the forage and concentrates in its diet. Superforce contains an exceptional mix of balanced omega fatty acids, in addition to amino acids and an extensive range of vitamins, minerals and easily absorbable trace elements.

Swap Superforce in place of normal feed 2-3 days before events when more energy is needed. It’s a helpful addition to feed ration for lazy performance horses.

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  • Developed for sport horses that are performing fast, explosive efforts like show-jumping and racing
  • Elevated levels of vitamin E and selenium contribute to muscle health, athletic performance, impacts metabolic activity and protects cells
  • Organically bound copper, zinc and manganese ensures that joints, tendons, cartilage and bones are given a higher level of support during intense work
  • Absorbable, high-quality vitamins, chelated minerals, and essential amino acids contribute to optimal health
  • Swap Cavalor® Superforce in place of normal feed 2-3 days before events when more energy is needed
Crude Protein min 12.0%
Crude Fat min 6.0%
Crude Fiber 10.0% max
Sugar 4.6%
Starch 29.9%

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