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Cavalor Mash & Mix

A WELL EARNED REWARD – Cavalor Mash & Mix is an ideal formula for your horse after heavy work or during times of stress. The feed is light, easily digestible, and contains heat-treated nutritional elements (mainly wheat bran and linseed).

Its high-quality raw materials, vegetables, and herbs stimulate digestion. This mash helps your horse replenish lost fluids after intense efforts by way of added electrolytes. That is why Cavalor Mash & Mix with MEGA ELECTROLYTE is a truly responsible reward after a heavy effort, during transport, and on hot and cold days.

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Mix two quarts of CavalorĀ® Mash & Mix with 50% warm water. Cool for 15 minutes stirring occasionally to form a solid mash and serve. Quantity per 220 lbs. of body weight in addition to at least 16.5 lbs. of forage [hay]. Heavy exertion: max 0.6 lbs.

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