Nitro-Phos Fertilizers

Nitro-Phos Hibiscus Fertilizer 12-3-16

Nitro-Phos Hibiscus Fertilizer 12-3-16 is designed for blooming tropicals’ recommended by leading hibiscus growers. ​Contains: 1.1% iron 13% sulfur plus trace elements to ensure healthy stems, rich green foliage and...

Nitro-Phos Pansy 14-7-14

Nitro-Phos Pansy 14-7-14 fertilizer has Urea Form, Nitrogen, and Potassium Nitrate that reacts similarly to Blood Meal in the soil. This combination will produce beautiful fall color.

Nitro-Phos Blood Meal 12-0-0

Nitro-Phos Blood Meal 12-0-0 is a natural organic source of slowly available nitrogen dependent on microbial decomposition. Especially useful to promote new growth, deep green leaves, and strong stems for:​...

Nitro-Phos Blood Meal 0-10-0

Nitro-Phos Blood Meal 0-10-0 is a natural organic source of phosphorus, it stimulates flowering, promotes healthy roots, and imparts winter hardiness. Useful on: Roses Bulbs Iris Pansies Crepe Myrtles