Lindner Show Feeds

Lindner Vitamin P

Great to grab SHAPE and MASS at the end. Comprehensive probiotic and yeast profile with a superior pH buffering system. Feet First® program for excellent foot integrity during use.

Lindner Life Saver

Great electrolyte to increase FLUID CONSUMPTION and MUSCLE HYDRATION at the show! Enhanced flavor and scent to get them drinking and keep them drinking. Mix two ounces per 8 quart bucket.

Lindner 600 Neo Starter Feed

600 Neo Starter’s amazing palatability and early acceptance lends itself to fit as both a creep feed and the IDEAL option post weaning. (1-2 bags per litter). Creep 600 in the crate...

Lindner Linc’ed Up Medicated Show Supplement

Linc’ed Up contains LINCOMIX® (lincomycin), the ONLY U.S. feed medication with a label claim for the reduction in the severity of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. While working within an established Vet Client Patient...

Lindner Tune Up Show Supplement

Needing to build extra muscle or cut back excess condition in the last week prior to showing?? Try our TUNE UP product! High protein and high amino acid profile Designed...

Lindner XXL Supplement

Formulated to get MAXIMUM response. Rely on this Ractopamine product for extra performance in the show ring on MASS & SHAPE. For ease of feeding and consistency.

Lindner 685 Show Feed

Lindner 685 is the 16% of choice as it allows you to MAINTAIN a proper growth rate and muscle development. 685 is truly a SAFE feed that preserves a show-ready...

Lindner 648 Show Feed

Lindner 648 is a GREAT OPTION when selling at an older age (9-15 weeks). Will promote PROPER BLOOM without being overly aggressive in extreme muscle development. Very good receiving feed.