Triple Crown 30% Ration Balancer

Triple Crown 30% Ration Balancer

Triple Crown 30% Ration Balancer is designed for many uses. Used by owners who prefer to feed their horses grains and/or forage products, but want all the benefits of Triple Crown’s EquiMix® and revolutionary formula. Use to boost nutrient content in the diet if you are feeding a product below recommendations. This pelleted supplement is specifically formulated for growing horses and broodmares, as well as horses with metabolic issues, performance horses that need quality protein, and easy keepers that require a balance of vitamins and minerals.

Triple Crown Naturals Whole Oats

Always provide good quality hay and/or pasture, salt and fresh clean water on a free choice basis. Adjust the amount of Triple Crown oats fed on a daily basis gradually to maintain horses body condition at a moderate level.


Valhoma DMSO Solvent Gel

DMSO Gel reduces inflammation in joints and in areas where trauma has occurred as the result of injury.

Tribute Kalm N EZ Pellet Horse Feed

Tribute Kalm ‘N EZ Pelleted Horse Feed

Tribute Kalm ‘N EZ Pelleted Horse Feed is a low NSC pellet formulated for all classes of mature horses.

  • No corn, oats, or molasses! Keeps sugar and starch levels low.
  • Higher fat and highly digestible fiber support calmer performances without loss of energy or condition.
  • Optimal balance of essential amino acids, organic minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants to support dietary requirements and peak performance.

Available in 50-lb bag. 

Tribute Growth Textured

A higher fat, textured feed formulated for growing horses and pregnant and lactating mares consuming forage that is less than 50% legume.

Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal Dry Dog Food

Farmina Vet Life Gastrointestinal is a complete dietetic food for dogs, suggested for the reduction of acute of intestinal absorptive disorders; it is recommended for the compensation for maldigestion and for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Farmina Vet Life is the 1st all-natural therapeutic diet for dogs. These diets were formulated from cruelty-free scientific research conducted in collaboration with the chair of Nutrition and Animal Feeding at the University “Federico II” of Naples.​

Available in 4.4-lb & 26.4-lb bags. 

Farmina Vet Life Hepatic Dry Dog Food

Support liver function in the case of chronic liver insufficiency. Farmina Vet Life Hepatic is a complete feed for dogs, indicated for the support of hepatic functionality in case of chronic hepatic insufficiency. This ailment has a moderate concentration of high-quality protein, a high concentration of essential fatty acids and a high concentration of digestible carbohydrates.

Available in 4.4-lb & 26.4-lb bags. 

LubriSynHA Equine & Pet Joint Formula Quart

LubriSynHA Pet & Equine Formula promotes healthy joint function and helps maintain consistent levels of HA in the blood and synovial fluid. When you give your dog or cat LubriSynHA, you give your pet the gift of extra years of healthy mobility!