Online Store

Red Mango Marketing’s online store allows you to create a personalized online store for YOUR website. Create your account, select your products, and input your pricing.  We’ll export the products to your own personalized online store. Take payments online, provide shipments, local delivery, or in-store pickup, you control what you offer. We do the work of maintaining updated products saving you time.

Advantages of an Online Store

Unlimited Products and Categories

We don’t limit you to a specific number of products or categories to display them in. You can constantly add new items and new ways to find them through our dynamic database driven solution.

Sell and Deliver Your Products

Once your surfer has purchased the product they will be given real time costs for shipping through whichever shipping company you prefer, even freight! And even if you are selling mp3 files or other “virtual” products online, this system will handle the delivery of them electronically through a download manager.

Inventory Control

A Catalog system not only allows your surfers to learn about, buy, and review your products, but it also is a complete inventory management system as well. This way if you run out of any product the client will be notified that it is on back order or optionally the product can be removed from the catalog completely until you get more inventory.

Secure Merchant Account Integration

We can integrate just about any merchant account that you may have. The transactions will be quick, reliable and secure through our 256-Bit Encryption SSL Certificate so your clients wont have to worry about their personal information while on your site.

The Online Store is available with the following packages (click for more details): Online Store, Online Store +, Store + Website, and Store/Website + Marketing.