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Purina Oyster Shell

Purina Oyster Shell

Supplement your laying birds’ feed for stronger shells and healthier birds. Purina Oyster Shell helps support eggshell integrity by providing a source of calcium for laying birds. Recommended for any egg-laying bird – chickens and turkeys.

Purina Oyster Shell helps support egg shell integrity by providing extra calcium in free-range conditions or when scratch grains, table scraps, comprise a major portion of the diet. High in calcium.


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Calcium (Ca) MIN 36 %
Calcium (Ca) MAX 41 %
Purina Oyster Shell provides supplemental calcium in situations where the fortified layer diet may be diluted with additional low-calcium foodstuffs.


Use only as directed. If an excessive amount of grit accumulates in the feed troughs, reduce the level added.


Provide free choice next to feed during the laying season, or mix 1 lb with 20 lbs of feed.
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