Hosting & Security

Your online store will be hosted on our secure servers.

All of our websites are hosted on servers dedicated to our clients only.  We do not share bandwidth or processing speed with hundreds of other websites and hosting companies. We insist on this because there is nothing in the world worse than seeing an out of date, slow loading business website. This way, our clients always know that we can update, maintain and monitor their web presence so they can focus on building their business.


Our machines have 2.0GHz Octa-Core D-1540 Broadwell Xeon processors, 64 GB SSD + 1.92 TB SSD Hard Drives, and 32 GB of RAM which run on 100 MBPS of UnMetered Bandwidth. We co-locate our machines with hundreds of other servers in two locations across the US. These server communes (as we like to call them) allow us to enjoy almost no downtime and complete stability. The buildings have 100,000 square feet of web hosting machine space which have Data-Grade HVAC systems, redundant uninterruptible power supply’s, generator backup and smoke detection/fire protection systems. These 15 million dollar carrier neutral data center is under 24/7 camera surveillance and armed guard patrol. Our servers have access to multihomed connectivity through several top level providers including: Level 3, Savvis, Qwest, MCI, Sprint and Global Crossing so you will always know your site will load quickly and reliably for your potential customers day or night.


Basically it means that your store’s web site hosting will almost never go offline and will always be very quick to download for your clients. Anything less than a nuclear bomb (and maybe even that too) hitting the data center and your sites will be available and running fast.

We will handle applying security updates and patches to your site.

The systems that create your website like the online catalog or content management system are written in a code language called PHP.  From time to time vulnerabilities will be discovered in that code and security patches will need to be applied to keep your site safe for your customers.  Sometimes the version of PHP will need to be updated completely as old code is deprecated.  Sometimes other issues arise with the myriad of systems that make your website work.  No matter what those issues are, we will take care of them.  It’s just part of what we do so that you can focus on running your store rather than worrying about your website.

The Online Store is available with the following packages (click for more details): Online StoreOnline Store +Store + Website, and Store/Website + Marketing.